The teachers are well trained ENT surgeons with a huge experience, but above all they like to teach!

This years Otology Class teachers

Each year we will provide close-to home education with a mix of local teachers and international teachers. Here you will see there names and pictures.

Maurizio Falcioni

Maurizio Falcioni

Parma, Italy

One of the founders of the Otology Class. Bringing next ot his knowledge and hunor, beautiful video’s and pictures to the course.

Thomas Linder

Thomas Linder

Luzern, Switzerland

Internationally well-known ENT surgeon but also a amazing teacher. His courses are always highly rated because of his didactive skills.

Paul Merkus

Amsterdam, Netherlands

The driving force behind the Otology Class course. Presenting in a modern interactive way and being an active panelist he creates a vibrant, friendly educative admosphere.

Thomas Somers

Antwerp, Belgium

He always brings something new to the course, being member of an innovative team and a great teacher.

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